About Us

Here at Brentwood Animal Hospital, we have a history of top-notch care that dates back more than 45 years. Whether your pet needs dental care, surgical care, medical care, or preventative services, feel free to bring them in to us.

We have our own diagnostic laboratory in the facility, which saves you time worrying about your pet. You don’t have to wait upwards of a week for our staff to send the test results to another lab, wait for those results to be processed, and then have them sent back to our building. You can get a clearer idea of the health of your pet much sooner.

Some of the services we offer at our lab are complete blood chemistry profiles, radiographic tomography, urinalysis, fecal parasite examinations, FIV and feline leukemia screenings, and heartworm exams.

Our Staff

Here at Brentwood Animal Hospital, we’re led by Dr. Todd R. Burnett, DVM. Dr. Burnett studied at Kansas State University, earning his veterinary medicine degree. Upon graduating, he took over lead veterinary duties at Brentwood Animal Hospital, where he’s worked for more than a decade.

Our Other Services

Besides our onsite lab, we offer many other services for dogs and cats.

Here is an overview of the services offered at Brentwood Animal Hospital:

• Dental care – such as periodontal disease prevention, dental surgery, fluoride applications, teeth polishing, and ultrasonic cleanings.

• Surgical care – such as pulse monitoring, histopathology, electrocardiology, isoflurane anesthesia, and pre-surgical blood evaluations.

 Pet boarding – so that when you have to travel, you know your pet is in good hands. We’ll take care of feeding your pet (including treats), leashing them up and walking them, and giving them their own food bowls, water bowls, and blankets so they’re as comfortable as possible. We will even board special needs pets. Reservations ahead of time are required.

• Radiology diagnostics – including OFA certification imaging, lumbar, gastric, and orthopedic testing.

• Pet grooming services – such as ear-cleaning, cutting your pet’s nails, and giving them a bath. We may lightly sedate your pet if they are not comfortable with these services. Ask us before you bring your pet in.

• Microchipping and registration – If your pet’s microchip isn’t registered, then rescue organizations won’t be able to scan your pet’s microchip in the event your pet ever gets lost. Microchipping is painless and gives you, the pet owner, immense peace of mind.

• Pet surgeries – such as emergency surgeries, orthopedic surgery to treat hip and knee pain, spaying and neutering, and more. With our routine and post-op services, your pet will be comfortable and closely cared for. It does take about 24 hours before your pet can come home, so be aware of that.

• Vaccinations – like rabies vaccines, booster shots, and many more. Pets need vaccines young and then require recurrent vaccines every few years.

• Wellness exams – which include routine bloodwork, health certificates, and vaccinations. Whether you want to offer your pet for adoption or you just want to know they’re in good shape, ask for a wellness exam.

Contact Information

We do offer emergency services here at Brentwood Animal Hospital, but we do recommend that you call ahead and schedule an appointment in most instances. This allows you to get the most comprehensive care for your pet.

Our phone number is 850-434-2646 and our address is Brentwood Animal Hospital on 5101 North Palafox Street.

We’re open six days a week, except Sundays. Even if your pet needs care on the weekend, then, we’re happy to help. We’re open 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays. On Saturdays, our hours are 8 a.m. to noon.

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