Even the healthiest animals may have need of some form of surgical intervention, whether it’s to repair an acute injury or help prevent future health problems from occurring. Fortunately, the right mix of expertise, experience, skill, and compassionate care can produce the best possible results. That’s what we offer here at Brentwood Animal Hospital, your trusted choice for high-quality per surgery in Pensacola.

Why Pets Need Surgery

Pet surgery isn’t always a response to a grave, life-or-death situation. Some forms of surgery focus on relieving a source of chronic pain or a nagging functional problem, while others are entirely preventative in nature. At the other end of the spectrum, emergency surgery can indeed serve as a lifesaver in a variety of upsetting situations. We can address this entire range of needs through different types of surgery, including:

  • Spay and neuter surgery to eliminate the risk of reproductive cancers (and, of course, prevent pregnancy)
  • Dental surgery to treat oral cancer or extract a diseased tooth
  • Orthopedic surgery to restore function to an injured joint, or to relieve degenerative joint pain
  • Internal and external tumor removal surgery
  • Emergency surgery to remove internal obstructions, seal arteries, repair damaged bones/organs, or facilitate birth

From Pre-Op Evaluation to Anesthesia and Post-Op Care

Dr. Burnett doesn’t just perform surgery on your pet – he also guides you and your furry friend safely through the entire process of this form of care. Your pet will receive preliminary evaluations to ascertain whether he’s fit for the procedure and what type of anesthesia should be used. We will generally advise owners not to feed their pets after their usual dinnertime the night before surgery; this helps prevent the pet from regurgitating while under anesthesia. The anesthesia itself is selected, administered, and monitored with the utmost attention to detail. It ensures that your pet will remain perfectly still and calm so we can do our best work.

Your pet will continue to benefit from our expertise after he comes home from surgery. In addition to providing you with helpful prescriptions for painkillers and antibiotics, we will also make sure you know how to help your pet recuperate successfully and how to recognize potential post-op complications that might call for follow-up treatment.

Don’t be afraid or hesitant to schedule the surgical care that might make all the difference in your pet’s health, comfort, and wellness. Call our Brentwood Animal Hospital at 850-434-2646 to schedule a consultation with our Pensacola veterinarian.

Whatever kind of treatment best suits your pet’s needs, we can provide it!