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Owning a cat or dog is a rewarding experience for most pet owners. There is, however, a need to care for your pet properly so it can live a long and healthy life. Allow our Pensacola veterinary team at The Brentwood Animal Hospital to provide pet services necessary for optimal health. Here are some services our animal hospital provides.

Comprehensive Pet Examinations

It is important that your pet has an examination conducted by our Pensacola veterinarians at least once a year. In some instances, when a pet is dealing with a medical condition or if your pet is in his or her elderly years, more frequent examinations are recommended. During a routine examination, our veterinarians will check over your pet’s body and organ functions in detail. If there is a need for any type of treatment for a problem, our vets will discuss the possible options available and any risks associated with them. A plan is then devised along with your assistance to get your pet the treatment it needs. Comprehensive exams are important as they will give indications of any changes in your pet, thus, helping to pinpoint possible problems promptly.

Preventative Actions

In addition to routine examinations, your pet requires some preventative actions to keep it healthy. Immunizations can be administered during your pet’s comprehensive examination in order to protect against diseases and other medication conditions. Parasite prevention is also supplied to keep your pet from contracting fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other parasites known to cause health risks. Preventative actions also include spaying or neutering your pet to keep him or her from reproducing. These procedures minimize the chance of reproductive cancers. Microchipping is another preventative measure that can help reunite your pet with you if it happens to become lost.

Emergency Services

When a pet suffers from a traumatic event, there is a need for immediate attention to help it heal as necessary. A pet that is feeling ill also requires medical intervention to help them feel better without delay. Our Pensacola veterinarians will assess your pet’s condition and make a determination in the proper treatment plan to reverse symptoms effectively and promptly. If there is a need for a surgical procedure, our veterinarians will discuss this option with you before an operation is conducted. Medication may also need to be prescribed to help treat a pet suffering from trauma or an illness.

Contact Brentwood Animal Hospital to handle all of your pet’s veterinary needs. Call our animal hospital today at 850-434-2646 to find out more about scheduling availability or to find out more about our other pet services that we provide to our patients.

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