What Does an Ultrasound Show for a Dog?

You have probably found yourself in situations where you needed to make sure that your pet would be in good, attentive, qualified care. When your furry friend is sick, our team at The Brentwood Animal Hospital uses the newest technology, such as a digital ultrasound, to put your mind at ease

What and Why – Pet Ultrasound

Surgery is an invasive and stressful situation. A pet ultrasound can be used as a diagnostic tool to prevent the need for a veterinarian to perform some surgeries.

Internal organs checked through ultrasound include:

  • Liver
  • Spleen
  • Kidney
  • Pancreas
  • Eyes
  • Lymph nodes
  • Testicles
  • Intestinal tract
  • Prostate
  • Uterus/ovaries
  • Heart

X-Rays vs. Digital Ultrasounds

X-rays only show the size and shape of some internal structures. Digital ultrasounds provide a much more detailed view, and can be done in real-time to view any intermittent abnormalities. Both methods often intertwine for a larger understanding of a diagnosis.

Reasons for Pet Ultrasounds

Early diagnosis saves pets’ lives. Digital ultrasounds can detect abnormalities that may include nodules, masses, cysts, and abscesses at earlier stages than x-rays.

A pet ultrasound can track the progress of diseases for early diagnosis, allowing a veterinarian to alter a course of treatment if and when necessary.

A veterinarian can now provide the results of a digital ultrasound electronically. That means, in the case of an emergency, your vet can transmit ultrasound images, x-rays, and blood labs to an animal hospital.

Ultrasounds are painless and non-invasive. The sound waves they utilize are a risk-free way for a veterinarian to check in on your pet’s health.

An ultrasound scan takes about thirty to sixty minutes. It is quick and allows for fast reports on what is going on inside your pet.

Pet ultrasounds detect a vast range of illnesses and diseases. It is not only about early detection, but it is also about prevention, too. Animals of all ages benefit from non-invasive tests like digital ultrasound.

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