Protecting your cat from poisonous plants during the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching and many people begin the festivities by using themed decor to adorn their homes and host dinner parties. If you have a cat, you need to be mindful of the plants that you use to decorate your home. Many holiday plants are toxic for cats, such as poinsettias, pine tree needles, lilies, holly berries, and mistletoe, and a small amount ingested can make your beloved animal severely ill. Our veterinarians at The Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola are urging pet owners to keep these poisonous plants away from their cats during the holidays. The following are important holiday safety tips about keeping poisonous plants away from cats.

Choose Alternatives

Cats are curious creatures and tend to inspect anything new that is brought into their environment. Research popular plants that are often used to decorate during the holidays. This will give you an idea of which plants to clear from. You can also choose from artificial plants. While they are not always pretty, artificial plants can reduce your pet’s risk of getting ill.

Keep Hazardous Plants Out Of Reach

Display your plants in an area where your pet will not have access to, such as in a room where your cat does not go into often or keep the plants inside of a glass-enclosed case. Another option is to display the plants outdoors.

Call Our Veterinarians Right Away if A Problem Arises

If your pet is vomiting, having difficulty eating, drooling profusely, or appearing to be lethargic or weak, contact a veterinarian at our animal hospital in Pensacola immediately. For more information about keeping your pet protected from poisonous plants during the holidays, or to report an emergency, call The Brentwood Animal Hospital at 850-434-2646. We are here to help when a problem arises.