Keeping Your Pensacola Pets Safe from Fleas and Ticks

When it gets warm out, fleas and ticks are a common problem, especially in certain areas. Since these parasites can end up causing health issues for cats and dogs, it is essential to make sure that they are protected. Learn more about parasite prevention for pets in the Pensacola area.

Problems with Fleas and Ticks in Pensacola

Fleas and ticks both bite pets, but they can cause different kinds of health problems as a result. Flea bites produce a reaction in pets that are allergic. When these pets are bitten, they might chew or scratch at the base of their tail or other itchy areas, which raises the risk of skin infections and hot spots. Ticks latch onto pets and feed on their blood. While this happens, these parasites can transmit organisms that cause serious illness, such as Lyme disease. Since fleas and ticks are common in the Pensacola area, pet owners should take steps to prevent infestations.

Protecting Pets from Flea and Tick Bites

Fleas and ticks can get onto pets when they are outdoors. In some cases, fleas can also infest indoor pets, such as when people or other pets bring these bugs inside. Flea and tick prevention helps reduce the risk of being bitten by these parasites, which lowers the risk of serious health problems in pets. Our vet in Pensacola offers preventative products that pet owners can use to stop these pests from attacking dogs and cats. These include topical products that go directly onto the skin, oral medications and flea collars. Our vet can help you find the right products to use on your pets in order to ensure that they stay safe from fleas and ticks this spring and summer.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Pensacola

If your pets need protection from fleas and ticks, please contact Brentwood Animal Hospital to set up an appointment. Our Pensacola veterinarian can check them for these parasites and provide them with flea and tick prevention to keep these pests at bay. Keep in mind that we also offer a special for new clients.