What Should You Do If you Believe Your Pet Ingested Toxins

In Case of Pet Emergency: How to Handle Pet Toxic Ingestion

It is surprisingly easy for pets to ingest toxins. Even the most responsible owner may not be aware of an unlikely toxic houseplant, or you may accidentally drop medication or toxic food. There are also plenty of critters happy to get into everything they are not supposed to have. Many pet owners will run into this situation at some point or another, so it is important to know how to handle it.

Call Pet Vet Emergency Services

Your local veterinarian in Pensacola is always going to be your best resource, so reach out to your clinic first. While your vet may not be able to provide immediate help, the staff can help you determine your next steps.

Be Prepared for a Pet Emergency

For some toxins, your veterinarian in Pensacola may advise you to induce vomiting. Since this is a common pet emergency, it is a good idea to keep supplies on hand. A small amount of hydrogen peroxide can be effective for this. However, it is important to only do this under the direction of your veterinarian in Pensacola or other pet emergency services. Inducing vomiting in certain circumstances, such as if your pet has ingested something caustic or that may cause a blockage as it comes back up, can cause more health issues.

What to Do in a Pet Toxin Ingestion Situation

First, remain calm. Most toxins take some time to take effect, so you have some time. It is still important to act promptly, however.

Begin by calling your local veterinarian in Pensacola if possible. If you cannot reach them or do not have a local vet, call the ASPCA poison control hotline or a similar national organization. The operators should be able to provide initial guidance as well as helping you find a local pet hospital that can provide more immediate assistance.

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