Spring Hazards for Your Pets

Foxtails & Other Spring Hazards for Your Pets

With spring comes warmer weather, blooming plants, and romping around in the great outdoors. It’s not just humans that enjoy some fun in the sun. Animals do too. Unfortunately, encounters with some products of spring could result in a trip to our Pensacola veterinarian here at The Brentwood Animal Hospital.


Found in all but seven U.S. states, the foxtail weed is a spring hazard for both cats and dogs. Its needle-like seed head has a tendency to latch onto an animal’s fur. If not removed immediately, the head burrows, causing infection, abscesses, and pain. Seed heads enter the body through the nose or eyes eventually travel to the brain or lungs, resulting in a perforated lung or death. Foxtail isn’t the only spring weed that poses a danger to your pet. Hedge parsley, spear grass, and bur clover latch on, causing excruciating pain if not removed immediately.

Other Springtime Dangers

When spring hits, flowers begin to bloom and all of nature seems to dance with hope and excitement. When you hit the outdoors with your pet, keep an eye out for these springtime dangers:

AllergiesWith everything in bloom, allergies are a spring hazard for both humans and animals.

Bee stingsA bee encounter is inevitable when romping around in spring blooms. If your dog or cat is stung by a bee, pay close attention to their reaction. A sting near the mouth or neck could lead to swelling and difficulty breathing, often requiring emergency veterinary attention.

Poisonous flowersTulips, daffodils, hyacinths, azaleas, and bluebells are common spring plants that pose a serious threat to dogs. Crocus plants, lilies, lily of the valley, and azaleas can cause kidney failure and/or gastrointestinal issues for cats. If you suspect your pet has come in contact with one of these plants, seek medical attention immediately.

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