Urinary Obstruction: What Our Pensacola Veterinarian Wants You To Know

Worried that your Pensacola pet may be struggling with a urinary obstruction? While this condition is serious and can be life-threatening, it can be treated if it’s caught in time. At Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola, we provide urgent for acute issues. Here’s what our veterinarian wants you to know about urinary obstructions.

What Is Urinary Obstruction?

If your dog or cat seems to be straining when trying to produce urine, they may be dealing with urinary obstruction. This occurs for a few reasons. The urethra (the tube through which urine typically passes) may be inflamed. There could also be material (such as urinary crystals) that have formed at the start of the urethra, making it impossible for your pet to pass urine. If urinary obstructions are not treated quickly, renal failure can occur, which can lead to death within 72 hours of the start of the obstruction.

Urinary Obstruction Symptoms

While urinary obstruction most commonly occurs in male cats, it can also occur in female cats and dogs. Animals suffering from urinary obstruction may have blood-tinged urine, no urine at all, exhibit crying when attempting to urinate, and may wretch or vomit. Your pet will lose their appetite and may appear to be depressed and not interested in their usual activities. You may also notice that your pet’s abdomen feels hard, due to the buildup of urine that is unable to leave the body. Be sure to mention any of these symptoms to your veterinarian.

Call Our Pensacola Veterinarian

If you’re concerned that your dog or cat may be experiencing a urinary obstruction, it’s important that you bring them to see a veterinarian right away. At The Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola, we offer urgent care services. Call us right away at 850-434-2646  your pet’s life may depend on it.