Maintaining Pet Health in the Warm Months

Summer with your family and pets means more time spent outside. While it’s fun to spend time with your furry companions out in the sun, you must not forget the importance of hydration. Our veterinarian at The Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola is dedicated to all of the aspects of pet health. Learn more about why it is crucial to keep your pet hydrated during the summer and all year round.

Heat, Hydration, and Pet Wellness

Pets are at an increased risk of becoming dehydrated during the summer months. Panting and sweating can quickly deplete your pet’s water reserves. If your pet is going to spend a lot of time outside, it needs easy access to water. Even if you are just taking a short walk around town, it is smart to bring a water bottle and a small bowl. This way, you can give your pet a quick drink to stay hydrated.

While exercise is great, you do not want to overexert your pet, especially during the summer. If it is panting heavily or seems sluggish, a rest is in order. A healthy diet and proper nutrition are also wise year-round but especially during the summer. Obese animals may be more likely to suffer from heatstroke and other issues. Do you have questions about pet nutrition? Visit our animal hospital to learn more.

Fur Trims to Ward off the Summer Heat

Some people trim their pet’s fur during the summer to keep them cool. Before cutting your pet’s fur, however, you must speak with a veterinarian. Sometimes, fur, including long coats, actually protects against heat. A trim may make your pet more susceptible to heat-related issues. If a trim is advisable for combating heat, it is best to let a veterinarian handle it.

When it comes to pet wellness, a veterinarian can help you understand pet nutrition, hydration needs, proper exercise, and other pet wellness-related issues. By visiting an animal hospital, you can learn the warning signs of overheating and other common summer issues for pets.

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