When Should I Get Laser Therapy For My Dog?

Is Laser Therapy Right for My Dog?

Watching your best friend suffer from the effects of an injury or old age is hard, but there are pain-relieving solutions available. Developing a comprehensive plan for pain management and the treatment of your dog is a key goal at The Brentwood Animal Hospital of Pensacola. Our veterinary staff and veterinarian are use the latest technologies, such as digital ultrasound and pet laser therapy, to treat your pal while keeping an eye on the basics like exercise and diet.

What is pet laser therapy?

Laser therapy is a technology that has been used on humans to treat a variety of conditions for decades. In this therapy, laser energy is directed at damaged areas on a person or pet, such as inflamed joints or damaged tissue. The light helps replenish energy in cells. This change then leads to reduced inflammation. With lower inflammation, there is less pain.

There are two basic types of laser therapy, cold and hot. Cold lasers are used on the skin’s surface while hot lasers help stimulate deep tissue.

What type of conditions does pet laser therapy treat?

Pet laser therapy for dogs is most commonly associated with the treatment of bone disorders, such as arthritis or other skeletal and tissue-based issues, such as bone fractures, torn ligaments, and sprained muscles. However, it can also be used for wound care and skin treatments.

Does laser therapy hurt my dog?

Laser therapy has few side effects, particularly when carefully practiced by trained veterinary staff or a veterinarian. In fact, many dogs start to look forward to treatment as they begin to associate sessions with feeling better and relief from pain.

At The Brentwood Animal Hospital, we strive to make every treatment and test, from digital ultrasound to laser therapy, as comfortable and low-stress as possible for our patients and their best friends. To find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment in the Pensacola area, call our office today.